Development Re-imagined.

We design, implement, and manage international development and aid projects.

Our core philosophy is that development and aid projects should be community driven and focused at the grassroots level; action should be collaborative, integrated, sustained, and adaptive.

Framewrx is an evolution of Project 509. Our full website is coming June 2019.


About Us

We began working in Haiti after the cholera epidemic in 2010, forming Project 509 a few years later.  Our initial effort was to distribute water filters in remote mountain communities, which is a very common response throughout the developing world.  Over time however, we identified a number of problems associated with this strategy – most importantly, it does not address long-term need, and therefore is not a sustainable solution.

Under guidance from the communities we work with, we began building rainwater-harvesting systems, as well as giving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) trainings, and working with local farmers to integrate an agriculture component into our project. 

Please visit our Project 509 website for specific information about our work in Haiti.

During this time, we formed a unique partnership with Freewaters Footwear, which donates 1% of their total sales to clean water access projects in areas of extreme need.  Needless to say, our relationship has blossomed over the past 4 years, resulting in deep mutual trust and respect.  Recently, our friends at Freewaters have invited us to complete evaluations of the projects they have previously funded in the Philippines and Kenya.  Obviously, we are very excited about moving forward!   

Integrating water projects in Haiti, the Philippines and Kenya will form the foundation of our work over the next couple of years; providing us with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of development at the grassroots level, which we can then share on a much wider scale. 

To best accomplish our objectives, we have built a framework for development response at the grassroots level … hence the name: Framewrx.  This framework guides our efforts, while also providing the freedom necessary to address each context on its own terms.  This framework will be made available for use in any number of open-source platforms, and we will actively engage with anyone who is interested in order to refine and improve our framework as we move into the future.



Message from our Executive Director

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the new direction of our organization, and the expanded partnership we have forged with Freewaters Footwear!  International development is a vital, yet highly misunderstood field of action, working to ease many of the injustices in our world.  The number of actors and stakeholders involving themselves in this field has grown considerably over the past decade, with most unaware of the complex mix of variables and consequences at stake. 

While I am heartened by the desire of those wanting to “help others,” this is a complicated arena that requires much experience, patience, and skill.  During the past several years, I have seen many organizations implement projects they truly felt would leave a positive and lasting impact … only to see the opposite effect.  This tragic and counter-intuitive outcome is far too common in our field, and can be traced to one very simple reason … an egregious lack of respect given to local beneficiaries. 

Naturally, this one simple reason impacts every piece of the international development puzzle, and of course nobody actually believes they treat beneficiaries with disrespect.  The problem lies in the structural response mechanisms that we have built through time, resulting in a paternalistic culture of development and aid. 

While there is no correct way to do international development, there are more than enough wrong ways to do it – as we have seen time and time again.  Practitioners aren’t trained to listen, accountability to funders is prioritized over accountability to communities, and many of us are involved for the wrong reasons.  There are a whole host of other issues – none of which, quite obviously, is helpful; we are as committed to shifting this narrative as we are to engaging in high quality development work. 

Thank you for your interest in our work!  Please follow our journey, and do not hesitate to connect with us in any capacity.

Much Love,
Jesse Baker, PhD

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Although our new website is yet to be posted, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas. We are committed to addressing all inquiries, and genuinely look forward to hearing your thoughts, questions, ideas, and concerns.